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Skip Tracing and People Locator

Call (713) 468-2646 or contact us online for an immediate consultation involving your skip tracing and locating people and witnesses.

Our private investigators in Houston, TX can quickly locate witnesses, people of interest and long lost friends and relatives. Our proven methods and experience allows for a quick turn a round for people locates. Our investigators will utilize their powerful databases that are only accessible to licensed investigators to quickly obtain location information, phone numbers and friends and relative information. In some cases, our investigators need to take it a step further and conduct interviews in the field to generate more leads.

Call us today for all of your skip tracing and people locate needs.


Why Wilson Investigations for your Skip Tracing and People Locates:

  • Ability to generate leads from little to no information
  • Years of experience in locating friends, family, witnesses and people of interest
  • fast, honest and reliable
  • Professional Investigators with integrety


Call Now 713-468-2646 to speak with an investigator.  We perform people locates throughout the United States and Internationally.

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