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Hostage Release & Negotiations

Call Wilson Investigations at (713) 468-2646 or contact us online for an immediate consultation involving sensitive hostage release predicaments in out-of-country situations.

Speed is of Paramount Importance

The qualified staff of Wilson Investigations is ready to travel immediately to whatever locale is involved to help bring your loved one or valued employee back to safety.  Experienced in handling

  • Individuals taken for ransom
  • Key equipment stolen for illicit gain by demands of money
  • Employees forced into jungle havens and demands made for release
  • Kidnappings in Mexico and Central America
  • Threatened sabotage of valuable assets
  • Potential threats of harm or kidnapping

Years of experience has allowed Wilson Investigations to develop key resources instrumental in recovering hostages and gaining the return of valuable assets taken by force.

Firmness of Application

At no time can you allow a show of weakness in these conditions.  Wilson Investigations has the knowledge and the wherewithal to bring about a successful conclusion in these delicate matters.

  • Established contacts throughout the Western Hemisphere to gain adequate support
  • Successfully returned previous Clients taken by force
  • Skilled in the application of kidnapping negotiation
  • Access to paramilitary units when required
  • Ready to travel with little notice
  • Key personnel in place to retrieve valuable equipment and assets
  • Understands the cooperation with local authorities when required


Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – We provide complete and thorough investigations.  Call us at (713) 468-2646 in Houston, or contact us online.

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