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At Wilson Investigations, our private investigators in Houston assist individuals, businesses, and attorneys all over the world by finding and analyzing information.  We connect the dots to uncover facts about legal, financial, and personal matters.

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Full Service Private Investigations Company

At Wilson Investigations our Houston Investigators handle extremely complex to very simple cases. Our seasoned investigators have the ability to intermingle traditional and contemporary methods of investigations to ensure the information provided is true, correct and efficiently obtained.  Our office is equipped with the most advanced databases only accessible to licensed investigators and law enforcement.  The Wilson Investigations team will provide you with a free consultation to give you an idea of what our investigations company has to offer.  No investigation is too big or too small and we will handle your case with integrity, thoroughness, efficiency, and confidentiality.

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Private Investigator Services in Houston, TX

Our Private Investigators offer many services, including:

The Founder and Operator of Wilson Investigations is Tim D. Wilson, Jr.  He is a third generation private investigator with a family history that includes the legendary Clyde A. Wilson who solved countless high profile cases and has had many books and movies written about him.  Tim D. Wilson, Jr. was a former Law Enforcement Officer in Houston, TX and has the experience to handle any investigative task.

Wilson Investigations is a full service private investigation company that will handle your case with integrity, thoroughness, efficiency, and confidentiality.

Contact us at 713-468-2646 for a free consultation.  The investigators at Wilson Investigations in Houston can deliver the information you need to make the right decisions and resolve your matters.

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